Options to correct sagging buttocks


Most women dream of having a nicely shaped behind. Being interested in our appearance and actively looking for the means to improve it doesn’t make us narcissists; it is only natural to want to look good.

A sensitive topic of discussion nowadays is the appearance of the buttocks. While some are naturally gifted with big, impressive behinds, others are less fortunate. However, even the most impressive looking butt can be negatively affected by the aging process, as well as a sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is that there are plenty of plastic surgery in houston procedures that aim to correct buttock sagginess in order to help you get the buttocks of your dreams.


What are the most common shapes of buttocks?

Buttock enhancement procedures are an interesting part of plastic surgery. They require talent and experience from the surgeon to achieve satisfactory results. However, the current shape of the buttocks and the patient’s anatomy is also very important to determine the success of the procedure.

The shapes of the buttocks are:

  • A-shape: probably the most ideal, attractive butt shape
  • Rectangular;
  • V-shape; most difficult to correct even with exercise or plastic surgery;

As a rule of thumb, aesthetically pleasing buttocks are characterized by curves in all the right places, such as between the back and the buttocks. The waistline also plays an important role in the aesthetics; a small, well-defined waist can improve the appearance of the gluteal area. Wider, curvaceous hips can also emphasize the beauty of the behind.

Since time immemorial, the hourglass shape has been the most sought after body figure for women. However, the hourglass shape can only be achieved with ideal proportions between the shoulders, waist, and hips. Curvaceous buttocks have an important role in defining the hourglass figure as well. Women from all over the world undergo plastic surgery for buttock enhancement every year in their desire to get the hourglass shape.


What are the plastic surgery options for buttock reshaping?

When women’s butts start to sag, they tend to try physical exercises or put on more weight to solve the problem. Sadly, exercise is not the answer for everyone, especially if the current shape of the buttocks is not ideal. Butt sagging can rarely be corrected with the exercise; however, maintaining an active lifestyle can help you look toned.

It is only with the help of plastic surgery that we can add more volume to flat and sagging buttocks. The butt lifting procedure can correct the sagginess when there is sufficient volume and projection.

Traditionally, people have tried to reshape the buttocks by going through strenuous physical exercises that will tighten and tone the muscles in the gluteal area. Weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, and aerobic exercises have been combined in an effort to reshape the butt. A special diet is usually associated with the exercise regimen to slim the waist. But the reality is that even if exercise and dietis a great way to keep you in shape and lose the extra pounds, there is no guarantee that your buttocks won’t remain flat.


Fat transfer to the buttocks

An innovative and relatively new method to reshape and contour the butt is fat transfer to the buttocks.

The main advantage is that it makes use of the patient’s own fat tissue. Liposuction is performed on areas where there is excess fat tissue, such as the abdomen, waist, flanks, and lower back. The fat is then harvested and reinjected into the buttocks to create a projection. Patients interested in this technique should be aware that while there will be a larger quantity of fat introduced into the buttocks, not all of it will survive the transfer.

There are plastic surgeons that base their price for fat transfer based on the number of areas where they will perform liposuction to collect the fat. I believe this is not the optimal method to set the correct price. For a fat transfer to the buttocks, the surgeon must collect as much fat as needed to be able to properly correct flat, sagging buttocks. Limiting the areas due to the cost is not an effective method and can even defeat the purpose of the surgery.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is usually performed under general anesthesia. Once the fat is harvested, it is processed to eliminate the blood and other liquids to get only pure fat. The purified fat is then injected into the buttock muscles to increase the capacity and integrate in the new environment. The surgeon will advise you to avoid sitting down directly on the buttocks for some weeks to allow the body to heal and recover. This plastic surgery technique offers impressive results by augmenting the adipose tissue on the butt and enhancing the projection and definition.


Silicone butt implants

Buttock reshaping can also be done using silicone implants. It is done through a transversal incision that is a few centimeters long and positioned in the butt crease. The doctor will use it to form the pockets that will accommodate the implants. In most cases, the silicone gluteal implants are positioned under the buttock muscles.

You can choose one method or the other to reshape the butt and fix the sagging, depending on what the surgeon will recommend. It is important to keep in mind that more efforts need to be put in order to achieve the best results and sustain them for a long time. Drinking plenty of water is vital to maintain the skin hydration level. The diet after the surgery should be balanced and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.


Choosing the right surgeon

Just like any other surgical procedure, it is essential to make sure the surgeon performing the surgery has plenty of experience and has done numerous other similar procedures before. Nowadays, more and more people who lack any medical training or experience perform butt enhancement procedures, and in most cases, use illegal injections. The truth is that is it difficult even for an experienced surgeon to perform a buttock augmentation or lifting procedure because it requires a certain amount of talent and skill. It is always recommended to do a background research on the plastic surgeon you have chosen, see if he has performed this surgery before, and check the results.

A responsible plastic surgeon with many years of experience under his belt can be a guarantee to the success of the surgery.He is also more able to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent complications.

Selecting the surgeon based on their low prices is not a good idea. What you might consider as saving money can turn out to becostlier. Significantly low prices can hide a lack of experience or an unsuitable medical facility.

It is not simple and easy to correct sagging buttocks. There are cases when a combination of plastic surgery methods and techniques might be used to deliver results. An experienced surgeon will combine the butt implant surgery with fat transfer for more impressive results.



The appearance of the butt can be negatively influenced by factors such as genetics, aging, and lifestyle choices.

The only viable options to correct buttock sagging are offered by plastic surgery in the form of implants and fat transfer to the buttocks. These two procedures are the only ones that can effectively and permanently correct the buttocks and improve its shape. While exercise and diet can improve the tonus of the buttocks, they can’t offer impressive results in terms of reshaping or correcting the sagginess.

To be able to sustain the results for longer, you should avoid sitting directly on your butt for a few weeks after the surgery. Exercise and have a balanced diet to avoid putting on weight again.

Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeonwhohas performed multiple interventions like the one you are interested in is an important part of the success of the surgery.



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